Sunday, December 27, 2009

What to look for in a martial arts class?

This is the first of a 3 part series describing what you need to look for in a martial arts class. First ask yourself what it is you want to get from your training.

What is the instructor/instructors background? Do some research first; with the internet today you should find more than just their website. If you find someone who says they are the founder, master or whatever this is a “red flag”. If they are teaching several styles or have numerous “Black Belts” relate this to what they say they are teaching, it can take a lifetime to develop just one style much less several. How do they intend to teach you all this information in just a couple of years? Stop and think if the class is only 60 minutes how much are you going to be exposed to and what can you retain? Do you homework on the “style” they instruct. There is a wealth of information on the internet and just that can help influence your decision.

If you are looking to get in shape – ask the instructor for specifics on how they use conditioning in a typical class. If they respond with the class gets you in shape – look at the instructor, are they in shape? How does the instructor incorporate endurance training? Bag training, weights, core development, jump rope what do they really offer?

If you want to learn how to defend yourself then classes that teach primarily “Kata” or forms are not as effective as classes that offer “hands on practical application”. On the other hand some people who may have certain physical limitations may want to primarily focus on just Kata and need to avoid physical contact because of physical limitation such as major back problems. If it is “self defense” then how do they teach the subject? Do the students make contact? How aggressive is the contact? If you try a class, ask yourself if you feel that you truly learned self defense applications that were effective? Is the material being instructed “strict” or does the instructor offer alternative methods to adapt to the dynamics of a situation?

Next part two…

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jr. Black Belts

Congratulations to our newest Jr. Black Belts; John Hunter Jr., Jackie Jermyn, Sean and Arieon Gautier. Sean and Arieon are the first brother and sister we have promoted to the Black Belt level. These four completed the 100 self defense technique application test. John, Sean and Arieon all make great grades in school and are members of the Thunderbirds National Karate Team. Each has won several 1st places awards in national level competition including the US Open, Battle of Atlanta, Diamond Nationals and World Martial Arts Festival. Jackie is an excellent student winning academic awards in English, writing competitions and top honors in the Bay County Science Fair more than once. Now they have proven their ability in Kenpo Set Self Defense with this achievement. Jackie tells me she is going to be a doctor, I believe her, she is exceptional. She also tells me she won’t charge me as her patient – I am going to hold her to that, LOL.

Vickie said it best at the promotion ceremony we are both very honored to have been a big part of their lives as they have grown up and achieved this goal.

Adult Black Belts

Congratulations to the newest Adult level Black Belts; Matt Watson and Ben Tonn. Both completed all the requirements to be promoted and become members of the Kenpo Black Belt fraternity. I am especially proud of Matt; he started with me when he was 13 years old. He is a previous NASKA National Champion winning numerous major tournaments in both weapons and forms. Matt is featured in my “Competition DVD Training Series” on After graduating from Mosley High School Matt joined the Marine Corp. completed two tours in Iraq and when he separated from the USMC he returned home to go to college and finish what he started - achieve the Black Belt. Ben Tonn has been training with me since was in middle school, has been an assistant instructor teaching intermediate level classes and currently attends Gulf Coast Community College majoring in engineering. Their black belt test took close to four hours to complete and included application of some 250 Kenpo self defense techniques. Matt was especially impressive with his ability to adapt his technique knowledge to fit the situations and variations. Ben was especially impressive with not only his speed but his use of his break-falls and takedowns. Once again, congratulation’s men.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Show

It's hard to believe another year has already come and gone. Tonight is our Annual Holiday Belt Promotion and Demonstration at the Lynn Haven United Methodist Church. It will be so exciting. Many thanks to Mark and Earl Eadie - we spent a couple of hours last night setting up for the show. The lighting and sound will be spectacular. The light show changes with each song for the Thunderbird demonstration. The team has worked hard developing this years routine which is 15 minutes long and features seven different sections. I have a couple little things to get together for tonight - hope to see you there. Pictures to be posted this weekend.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Belt Promotion and Demonstration

Its that time again for our annual Holiday Belt Promotions and Demonstration. This is always exciting for all, the Thunderbirds will put on a show, we will have a formal Black Belt Induction, class demonstrations and of course the big finale the belt promotions, this is always one of the highlights of the year. Please be there; for more details

New Black Belts

Congratulations to our newest Black Belts: Matt Watson, Ben Tonn, John Hunter, Jackie Jerymn, Sean Gautier, Arieon Gautier. These individuals will receive their black belt on December 17th during our annual belt demonstration and promotion ceremony. For more details and photos go to:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Brown and Black Belts and Tournament Wins

I know its been a while since my last blog. Have been working on life's issues. New computer programs for better performance and web site material. My power band book for sport karate is in the final stages and is really productive. Now to the important stuff, congratulations to Blake Barger our newest Jr Brown Belt, he completed his test in a terrific manner. Good show Blake! Congratulations to Matt Peevy our newest Black Belt, what a great job! Congrats to Matt. Both attribute their great performance to using the DVDs to supplement their training, the DVDs work. Congratulations to Matt VanGenneup for winning the men's heavyweight division at the Sunshine Classic Karate Tournament.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Afterschool Program - Panama City

Here is a link to my merchant circle coupon for this school years after school sport karate program. You can go to our Merchant Circle account and download the coupon.

UFC 100 results

Sorry it has taken a couple days to get to this, I thought the GSP fight was a good one and GSP once again proven his metal fighting ten minutes with a pulled groin muscle. Brock Lesnar did just what I thought he intended to do and that was dominate the fight. His comments at the end served to stir up the fans and now people will pay more just to see someone take his title. How about Henderson, was there any doubt how he wanted the fight to end. By the wat if your into UFC gear, shirts, hats gloves etc. is now an offical UFC web store.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFC 100

Tonight should be an exciting night for UFC fans, the GSP fight may be the fight of the night. When you see lots of hype then that can truly be a fight when things are over in a hurry. I am a Brock Lesnar fan all the way - this may be over in a hurry, Brock has no intention of playing around. His last fight was a major confidence builder and he proved he can go the distance now lets see if he can end this one decisively. More to follow after the fight.

Friday, July 3, 2009

FREE videos and DVD/Book sale

I uploaded a new sport karate video you can watch at
this is my new website and I have lots more in the works, new stuff every week. Also I just uploaded a new DVD/Book sale for July and August, get my KEY Set DVD and book for just $24.99. You can purchase through

I encourage all my students to take advantage of my training materials as a supplement to their training. It has been proven time and again this will help you to learn faster and retain more.

Have a safe 4th of July Holiday.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Making failure an option...

This upcoming week I will be promoting several classes to their next respective level of training. What this means to me - individual physical and character progression. Examples: Ben has done a great job motivating several green belts who did not pass their last testing cycle, he has given them internal motivation and as a result I have seen growth in their personal skills and determination. If I had passed them before they would not have grown the way they have. I delayed a whole red belt class last session because they just were not defending themselves - now they are, they respond with confidence and effectiveness, I know their families will be proud. In today's I want it now, instant gratification world, I present "failure is an option". I teach my students that you don't always get it right the first time. Now what are your options... If at first your don't succeed then try again - what important words. Those who strive will find success, they do at the Karate Training Center, they will in life's challenges.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ideals of the Martial Arts

I want to define some ideals in the martial arts. A quality martial arts program provides practitioners with five parts. Basics, Form, Self Defense, Sparring and Character. Each part plays a purposeful role. The "Basics" define the stances, blocks, strikes, kicks and steps of the art. Forms define the combining of the basics, the correct posture for strength and execution of movement. Self Defense technique develops the knowledge base related to application of the basics in defensive application. Sparring develops the spontaneous response between recognition and action. Character is the by-product of dedication to training in the martial arts. Character becomes a reflection of the practitioners inner person. Facing the challenges of training, dedication, learning, overcoming both physical and mental tasks all build confidence, self esteem, respect and honor. I am tired of reading un-professional comments posted on the Internet that have no constructive value relative to the martial arts. When I read someones comments who is just typing profanity and less than boastful comments remember this - they have no ideals, no respect for themselves or others and very little if any character.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Arnis, Jiu Jit Su and Kenpo

I enjoy working out in Arnis and did so with Arlo, Josh, John and Richard this evening. My drill is 30 minutes of straight stick fighting only taking the time to rotate partners, this gives you experience with different size and experienced training partners. I know I have posted info on my Jiu Jit Su training program and I am still filming sequences it will be worth the wait. If you want more now, I teach some level in every adult training class along with how Jiu Jit Su can compliment Kenpo self defense techniques thus making a person more effective in their defensive tactics. By the way there are still slots available for the children's Summer Camp June 22-26th. Coupons are available at my merchant circle web site. This upcoming week I will be evaluating for belt promotions - more info will come during regular classes.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June activities

Hi the month of June is full of great activities and we are having fun in all our classes. The Arnis class still has room if you are interested. We are not only learning basic use of the baton but are learning defensive and offensive approaches to it's use. The children's sword class is developing an unexpected twist - the kids are demonstrating an affection for creating their own movement sequences with the few moves they have learned thus far. I know this will last them a life time. I had several adult students come in and practice one on one with me and they all improved their skills with this private instruction. We are also sparring in every class and I am seeing our students start to put together effective combinations! If someone hasn't had the chance to spar with me personally every one will, I am going from class to class and am enjoying the time I get to workout with everyone. We are in for a great summer of training! PS don't forget about the Summer Camp starting June 22nd. Watch for my upcoming mid-month news letter it will be full of informative information. If you aren't already signed up for my newsletter you can at

Friday, May 22, 2009

Arnis Workout, UFC 98, Mid May News Letter

Had a great Arnis workout with Josh, John and Richard Higgins from American Martial Arts. We just practiced several Arnis drills and worked exclusively on technique. Am looking forward to UFC 98 and am pulling for Machida to show his "karate" skills. Watched the pre fight special on Spike - wonderful show. Comments were made as to Rashad Evans stepping into a kick and punching helped him defeat previous opponents. I picked up on this as I have been teaching for years "step into/jam a kick", this gets you inside and sets up you up for hand combinations. Will see if this happens in the fight. As to my use of the front kick, there is a Muay Thai fight show called "Fight Girls" and what do you think the girls scored with a lot? The front kick! If you got my mid May News letter you got a lot of good info on character, nutrition, Kenpo Self Defense and workout tips from my web site MMAProfitness, if you missed it please sign up for the next letter due out in mid June. All the best Coach Martin. PS the first of my sport karate series is up with Randall. You can watch at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Updates for mid May

I have new techniques posted on and martinsblackbeltsparring, I will be posting the mid month newsletter as well. If you want to learn Arnis this summer please sign up as soon as possible so I can order your Arnis sticks. I plan to film an Arnis DVD series at the end so don't miss out. Also I am offering weapons specialty classes for kids and the events are posted on the new schedule also now up on the main web site. My new web site is well underway with lots of new stuff, the logistics of getting the site operational are technical but the wait and reward will be well worth it. Train hard and keep up with your nutrition. Coach Martin

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Sport Karate Series

Many thanks to Randall Anderson who spent a couple days training with the men on my fighting team this last week. We finished an eight part series demonstrating how and why its important to be a "dimensional" fighter. This video series will be available starting next week at Karate Training and Martins Black Belt so don't miss this important information. Make your goal this week to sign up for my FREE self defense training, fitness and nutrition guide by signing up for e-mails from me if you haven't already done so. Send me your feedback and watch for more information on nutrition and fitness at the coming Marty Martin

Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer Schedule

Check out our summer schedule at I am offering Arnis classes for adults every Monday and Wednesday sign-ups underway! We have an exciting schedule for kids too, class sizes are limited so please make your plans now. Lets make this a great summer. By the way my DVD collections are up at so you can take advantage of our buy four dvds and get one FREE. Sign up for my blog or newsletter and download my self defense and fitness guide for FREE - please get yours today.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mid-month News Letter for April

I will be posting a newsletter this weekend with a schedule of events for the summer. If you're not signed up please do so at
If you know someone who would like to try our classes please refer them to us as we are now enrolling for the next session and the summer, thanks ahead to all who do so. Good luck this week to several of our Jr. students who will be trying out for the Bay County Talent contest. Check out the video I posted of the Jr. Brown Belts self defense technique competition on You Tube and at the Karate Center web site. Also if you haven't seen the You Tube video of Susan Boyle and Britain's Got Talent you SHOULD, this is truly a feel good video!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


have a twitter account? If not you can follow me on twitter, just go to twitter and search for "Martin's Karate" where you can join, you too may get hooked. It's simple fast and you won't believe how may people/businesses are already there!

Workout with K2 Kardio Kickboxing

Am close to having my new K2 Kardio Kickboxing website ready to launch. The members area will have the full workout routines, the free area will have examples to check out how the program works. We will have a state of the art video player that allows you to build your own workout routine. This feature is really great for the user - you choose what you need and away you go.

Self Defense Video Collections

I should have several self defense video "Collections" for sale at Create Space and Amazon any day now. Save money by paying for only four DVD's get the fifth one FREE. Marty Martin's Self Defense Training Series for Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced plus my Children's Self Defense Training Series for Beginner/Advanced. For more go to Amazon and type in "Marty Martin Karate".

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vacation days

It is spring break for the public schools here so I am going to take a couple days off to recharge my batteries, when I get back I have lots of up dates and projects close to completion. Time off is important and Vickie plan to start doing this more often, by the way the belt promotion went great! Thanks to all who participated. I think I will hold self defense competitions every two months - a lot was learned and this will help with motivation and just give everyone something to look forward to.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Belt Promotion Demonstration

This is going to be a busy week with Saturday being an important day. I still get very excited about seeing the faces on the new Yellow belts they are so excited and of course this is an exciting time. The senior black belts at the center are the ones who should really appreciate the day - they are impacting the lives of the our future generation! It's important is be one to remember!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

People contacts

Heard from Matt Pevvy today he will be training with me for the summer, he just finished filming/directing in Chicago, did fight scenes for Craig Henningsen from Side Swipe. Can't wait to hear the inside story - sample clips are on you tube. Had a nice e-mail from a young man up in Wisconsin who watched and tried some of my sparring tips and his instructor ask him where he is taking private lessons, was nice he thought enough of me to send a "thanks"! Got another e-mail from a new student in Moscow, can't read it LOL, so Vickie is going to take it with her and see if any of the exchange workers at the Edgewater can translate - more to follow on this one. What a week this is only Tuesday. I plan to have some nutrition tips by the end of the week!

Monday, March 16, 2009

You Tube/Howcast Video update

This weekend I filmed eight Kenpo Set clips and eight sport karate clips for You Tube, Howcast etc. these should be on line by the weekend and for those of you are subscribed look forward to a bunch of new material. I put some locks and twist on the Kenpo clips - enjoy. Remember you can watch both on as the Howcast player is at the bottom of the site. Busy rest of the week with belt promotions coming up.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

To do...

This has been a quick week, kids have had FCAT this week so I changed the workout routine and they LOVED it, we did a lot of fun activities on the fitness course and I put up a tether ball - am pleased it has been exciting and good for hand and eye coordination! The next couple of days will be working on end of the month belt promotion and making it a day to remember!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kickboxing, MMA, nutrition and fitness web sites

I know it has been almost two weeks since my last update but I have been busy with several projects which are almost ready to be released, my K2 Kardio Kickboxing site is well into development and has a program for the user to build their own workout! Imagine you can develop your own K2 workout, can't make a class, going on vacation log in and build your own. The flash player is really cool and easy to operate.

I am also building, your own nutrition and fitness workout training routines developed just for you! Need help with what you eat? This has a nutrition guide and meal planner. Need a fitness workout - well this will blow you away get a daily workout not just one per week. This is custom tailored for the individual and guaranteed to get you in shape. More on this when it's ready for the public.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Break Camp

(Follow this link to our Merchant Circle account to download your coupon)
March 30th – April 3rd, $80 dollars, drinks and snacks provided, bring your own lunch, 7:30 to 5pm, sign-up at the front desk or call 850-785-2024.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Self Defense and Fitness Guide

When you log onto Marty Martin Karate Blog you now get a popup that invites you to join my blog. When you do you will also get a FREE copy of my Self Defense and Fitness Guide. This contains 17 pages of valuable information, fully written self defense technique excerpts from my books (available at, an example workout structure from my soon to be released martial arts fitness website and nutrition advice. Please pass the word and if you haven't signed up for my blog please do - plus please forward this to someone else who may also be interested.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sport Karate now on KTC web site

I absolutely love! There stuff is so much more professional than you tube. I was able to place my Black Belt Sparring tips from Howcast on the Karate Training Center site in very little time. I have a plan on reorganizing my web site flow, watch to see how that shapes up. It will be easier to find information on the site, there is probably info already on the site most people aren't even aware of. This week I will be giving out some information on self defense technique development so if you aren't already a member please join to get your information from me. Have ideas or questions...let me know, I will respond to them through this forum.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Litttle things are impotant too

My day is consumed in the little things, going to the bank, updating payments, checking e-mail, the mail, changing the sign, making basic's dvds for promotional signups, tracking Century Orders etc. Not taking care of these things catches up with you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Self Defense Training Series Update

My self defense training series DVD's are starting to come in for final proof review, to see "Punching Set Three" here is a peek from Create Space...

Watch for regular updates on the complete series as its finalized and launch specials for members of my blog!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Funday

We had a great time last night at Beef's, Vickie didn't have to work today so she was able to stay thru to the end :); Matt's new girlfriend came with her friend and several men from the karate center were there as well, Matt was happy with GSP winning. Today quite time, Vickie is reading the Sunday paper and I am going to watch the Super Bowl. I would like to see the Arizona Cardinals win - my ex-wife was from Pittsburgh plus I just don't like the Steelers. By the way Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter who is at college - Happy Birthday Mandy.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Social Networks

Tonight I plan to go watch the GSP - BJ Penn fight at Beef O Brady's with Matt. Am looking forward to it with all the hype, Matt will be cheering for GSP his hero :)
me well I don't expect the fight to go the distance whoever makes the first mistake will lose. I joined Facebook - MartyMartinKarate - check it out, this is now connected to Vimeo so you will see my videos on Facebook, also joined Viddler another great video sharing web site.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Tortoise approach...

Can you believe it; this month is almost already gone! I look back on the month to review what I've accomplished and this gives me motivation to make adjustments as I press forward - may I suggest you do the same. Set simple goals and at the end of the month look back to see if you made progress, this is the Tortoise approach but you know what, at the end of the year you will have done more than the person who took on to much never got anything done and is right where they started. This month I have 16 new DVDs coming out on Amazon, am sending in 10 more for February, filmed the Fox TV show Panama City's Got Talent, filmed clips on self defense and sport karate for Howcast and You Tube, signed up new students at the karate center, found someone who is re-designing my web site to be even more functional and am starting a new blog signup/auto responder program to also better serve you. Make an impact with what you do and what you contribute to others you will leave the world a better place!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jiu Jit Su Basics DVD

I am in the process of editing my new DVD project Kenpo Jiu Jit Su Basics Locks and Twists. One of my previous Black Belts - Paul Buzas was a 14 yr experienced Jiu Jit Su artist who helped me write the book in the mid 90's. This has been a long time coming. For me the exciting part of the DVD is the practical application of the joint locks and throws. The DVD should be available in Feb from my store and Amazon/Create Space mid Feb. Watch for more. I joined Twitter another social network I don't know if I like it, its seems like just another place to go post your stuff.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daphne Strebeck earns her Black Belt

Congratulations to Daphne for obtaining her Black Belt in Kenpo Set Karate! Daphne has trained at the Karate Center for several year and is a member of the Thunderbirds National Karate Team. She has competed at the Battle of Atlanta and US Open Karate Championships. She was a team member of the synchronized forms team which took first place at the 2005 Battle of Atlanta.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Afterschool Sport Karate up and running

Our new year afterschool sport karate program is up and running, if you want to get your kids involved bring them down! Here are action shots from the first week.

Panama City's Got Talent review

Matt Hunter had kids at school say they saw him on TV, Matt Watson had family call him, we had messages on the answering machine at the Karate Center, people are watching...our personal thanks to Dan Rogo, producer of the show. Watch every Sunday this month for another segment about Mr. Martin.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Afterschool Sport Karate Program

What are your kids doing afterschool? Ours are active... Are your kids doing their homework? Are they on the internet when you can't control them? Ours are busy working out, doing homework and developing responsibility.

Mr Martin on Fox 28

Don't forget I will be featured on Fox 28's Panama City's Got Talent tonight at 9:30pm.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Panama City's Got Talent

As I mentioned before Dan Rogo from the Fox 28 television show "Panama City's Got Talent" came to the Karate Training Center and we filmed close to an hour of material. For a sneak peek go to this link:
The show airs on Sunday nights at 9:30pm on Fox 28, the first segments are scheduled to air starting Sunday January 11th. We had a lot of fun filming this, note John Eddie forgot to wear his cup, I threw Matt so quickly on the gun defense the camera man had to refilm the sequence as he missed it the first time. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Black Belts

Congratualtions to Martin Tadlock and Jerry "Skip" Alford for earning their 1st Degree Black Belts on Dec 19th, 2008 at the Karate Training Centers Panama City Florida!