Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fueling Potential

Fueling our Potential
Let’s imagine that we are on journey through life. On our journey we are traveling in this great vehicle called Potential. How far this vehicle will take us will determine what kind of person we become. The fuel needed to efficiently operate our vehicle is called confidence. Confidence is the belief that we can become and accomplish anything if we believe in ourselves and apply our full potential. The more we believe in ourselves, the further our potential will take us. 

Tips to better fuel our potential:
  • - Never listen to the negativity of others. If we hear enough negativity, we will start to believe it.
  • - Always practice positive self-talk. Our attitude is developed by how we think of ourselves. Never say “I can’t…always think “I will do my best!”

Don’t let your mind be a garbage dump. Be careful of the things you watch on TV, the books you read, or the things people tell you. Everything that you allow in your mind determines how you think and feel, and therefore determines what kind of attitude and confidence will fuel your potential.

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