Friday, July 28, 2017

Helping Students Learn

Since its back to school time here is an interesting article to help parents help their children become more successful

4 MINDFUL STEPS to Nurture Empathy:

STEP 1: Teach the Growth Mindset Model

Tell kids: “Empathy can be increased with practice just like your muscles stretch with exercise. Practice is a key to success. The more you practice, the better you’ll be at understanding another’s thoughts and feelings.”

STEP 2: Emphasize Effort

Underscore process as a key to success. (“You are really making an effort to help others. Look how happy your kindness made Grandpa feel”), not the end product (“You delivered twenty canned goods today!”). This subtle switch stresses that empathy can be expanded.

STEP 3: Encourage Practice

Kids who see themselves as altruistic are likely to lend a hand because we tend to behave in ways that mirror our views of ourselves.  So provide ways for your kids to see themselves as altruistic.
  • Keep a box handy so they can donate their gently used toys to a shelter.
  • Encourage giving a part of their allowance to a charity.
  • Find ways to help others (helping an elderly neighbor rake her lawn).
  • And keep stressing: “Practicing empathy is how we become more caring.”
STEP 4: Recap the Impact

Dr. Ervin Staub found that children who are given the opportunity to help others tend to become more helpful, especially if the impact of their helpful actions is pointed out, so they can reflect upon it. This opportunity to reflect is a key to success. It nudges kids to develop a growth mindset about empathy. So encourage your child to reflect on her servicing experiences: “What did the person do when you helped? How do you think he felt? How did you feel? Is lending a hand easier than it used to be?”

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