Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Understanding the "Punching Set Two"

In Self Defense Training Series

What if you find yourself confronted by a bully who just likes to fight? There is always more than one way to get the job done! “Punching Set Two” expands your training at a more advanced level teaching you the use of eight specific “Gung-Fu” traps and twelve additional Kenpo Set Karate punching defenses. These moves are a great supplement to any martial artist and especially enhance your timing and hand speed. The traps are a great setup for complimenting your other techniques, setup with a trap and follow-up with what you’ve already learned!

Ok so lets look at that concept. Using the moves from "Slapping the Spike" in this set (one hand parrying the wrist while the other hand parry's at the bicep at the same time thus a slapping action) followed immediately by the bent arm wristlock from the knife set you have now combined a "Gung-Fu" move with a standing jiu jitsu wrist lock. You are now working on a more advanced level combining moves from other techniques taught you by Coach Martin. Now take this idea and run with it, and oh yeah don't forget to study the variations of "Punching Set Two".

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