Monday, January 23, 2017

Understanding the "Knife Set One"

In Self Defense Training Series

You are in a convenience store and a knife wielding robber turns their attention toward you…they thrust a knife directly at you…do you freeze or do you evade their knife thrust and throw them onto their back with an outside wristlock throw? Learn how to respond with “Knife Set One” which teaches you how to defend yourself against stabs, the knife slash and back-slash, thrusts and the gutting attack, 20 different techniques in this set alone. A great starter set for defending against a weapons attack!!! Learn step by step with Coach Marty Martin as your personal instructor.

“Knife Set One” teaches you to use the “block and counter” principle to control and setup your knife disarms. Learn how to “lock” the opponents arm to control the knife, learn to use “joint lock manipulation takedowns and apply your opponents own direction and weight against the attack. This set uses and teaches the Coach Martin's principles of Kenpo and Jiu Jit Su. A great starter set for defending against a weapons attack!!!

"This probably my favorite set of karate material to teach. Once you learn these techniques I can show you how to adapt these same moves against other type weapons as well as hand-to-hand tactics". Coach Marty Martin

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