Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So you wanna be a warrior

So you wanna be a true warrior.
Then define what it means to you, work hard and discover how to push through your limits. 
Coach Marty Martin

Your personality is a reflection of your personality based on your behavior over your lifetime. It is the behavior of the true warrior which makes that individual uncommon. A warrior holds themselves to a higher standard than others do. The warrior respects their reputation, morals and abilities. Any individual can be trained to fight, but it takes much more than a set of physical skills to be a true man of honor; it takes a strong positive reputable sense of behavior.

While it is true that a warrior trains their spirit, mind and body to be victorious when circumstances demand extraordinary action, it is also true a warrior must understand empathy and serve with compassion. Over a lifetime, a warrior will have many more opportunities to test their behavior in training or everyday circumstances than in life and death combat. A warrior’s physical training and foundation of behavior are integral parts of the warrior lifestyle, as much of the individuals character are forged in the crucible of hard training. Only the individual who pushes themselves to the brink of failure in training time and again will truly understand the depth of this statement. The point in time when an individual crosses over from common man to warrior is when the individual decides that the life of service driven by the dedication to honor, integrity, respect of self and never quit attitude becomes the foundation of his existence.

To become that individual, to become that warrior you as an individual have to decide what you will and won't stand for. Don’t leave your behavior and your reputation to chance – take responsibility for your behavior as that behavior determines the force inside you. It is your responsibility to forge your ideals. No one else will do it for you, but there are many who by their poor behavior, lack of discipline, lack of respect, lack of honor can lead you let your ideals slip or degrade the dedication to your why. You have to stand up for what you believe in and be ready to stand alone. You have to know your why, you have to understand your behavior is a display of your honor and integrity and this makes you who you are. To remain strong, to be that warrior you have to have the dedication and the determination to not let anything take away from all you have worked so hard for. When you work hard for anything you will respect what you have more than something just given to you. Here is a mantra that helps bring this into perspective; "I will do today what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't", US NAVY SEALS

Behavior is the foundation of all the other parts in a warriors lifestyle, the collective of an individuals behaviors. If the foundation of your behavior isn’t positive, rooted in high standards and strong sense of high moral and ethical code then sooner or later you will no longer be a true warrior you will falter. Without that solid foundation, it is easy for you to lose focus of your values. For this reason, it is vital that your behavior adheres to the highest standards. Don’t compromise where your behavior is concerned. This is just one of the traits that sets the warrior apart as an uncommon man. Work to build a solid character and maintain a solid reputation, which is true to your why as an uncommon individual.

Living up to the standards you have set for yourself is a continuous process and there will always be temptations to lower your standards or temporarily set them aside. Find the intestinal fortitude to maintain your standards no matter what others around you do or say. Your behavior has to be able to withstand the ridicule of others opinions, the actions of others, or even your own personal weaknesses. Don’t let others influence your decisions, at least not in a negative way. Don’t compromise your principles to please someone else or to avoid displeasing those around you. Live according to your why – the nature of the uncommon man – the warrior.

When someone treats you with disrespect or is just plain rude, it can be tempting to respond in kind, but this is not the behavior of the true warrior.  A warrior cannot allow others to dictate his choice of action. Don't let the behavior of someone else change your why, at least not in a negative way, the positive actions of other warriors can be a reflection of your conviction.

How you respond to the events in your life, both the good ones and the challenges, reveal your true sense of character. The true measure of a man is how that man responds to the challenges of life.

If you want to truly know how well you have developed your character, pay attention to how you respond to both the challenges and the triumphs of your life. This not only applies to those times when you are with other people, but also for the quiet times when you are alone. The truest test of behavior is what you do when you are alone. Do you still live up to your standards when nobody is watching? Do you live up to your reputation when you are at home with your family or only when you are in public? Your behavior should be sincere and genuine. You should not act one way in public and another way in private.

Your character is revealed through your words and your actions that is your behavior. You must be consistent and sincere in order to be an uncommon man – a warrior. Strive to make sure that your words and your actions are in line with your why. This is the nature of the uncommon man – the nature of the warrior.

You have to remain conscious of your every thought and your every word. Many people basically live their lives going through life without any true direction, responding in whatever manner their emotions dictate to them in any given moment. The warrior can’t afford to live his life in this way; he has to be ever vigilant of his thoughts, words and actions for they dictate his behavior. He must maintain his strength of character in all of the situations of life. No matter what circumstances he finds himself in, the man of character will behavior appropriately, maintaining his principles, which he has firmly decided to incorporate into his life. These incorporate daily habits, daily rituals and strong spiritual conscience. This takes practice and determination. Hemingway called this “Grace under pressure.” 

Thomas Paine stated, “Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.” 

While your reputation is important, at least to a degree, it is your authentic character that truly matters. Each of your personal behaviors collectively all those you act you act upon are the foundation of your true character. This foundation is your sincere desire to be a man of  character – a true warrior and to live according to those principles, which make someone an uncommon man – a warrior. Understanding the importance of your personal behavior and how that shapes who you truly are is the guide to living the life of a true warrior.