Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something old, Something new, Something Bold

Thanks to all the parents and family members who supported my programs in 2008! This next year promises to be hold new challenges for us all. So...yesterday John-Eddie calls me and says he needs to talk, OK... Mr. Martin I joined the Marines! I have mixed emotions - I am sad to see him go as he has helped me a lot with teaching, filming DVDs and you tube clips. He has grown to be a fine young martial artist and second degree black belt. I am happy for him in the respect he is going out into the world and will truly experience his own new challenges. I have done what I can to prepare him, now we will see another chapter in the life of someone I have mentored. Matt Watson left some five years ago under similar circumstances, became a Marine, completed two tours in Iraq, got married, got divorced, came back and has the desire to have his own Karate Training Center. His story is still unfolding and I believe he will be successful. Zack Alford left for a year and now he's back working on his second degree black belt and is growing into a fine instructor. He too has the desire to have his own center and his dad just got his first black belt. I am truly proud of him also. The year 2009 will truly hold new and unknown challenges in many ways. I am excited about teaching more self defense and kickboxing skills in every class, I am excited about my red belt program, I am ready to boldly face the internet with new tools just like this blog. Watch for pictures of the team members I trained from as far back as the 1980's with my new Thunderbirds web site. Watch for my "Self Defense Training Series" on 2009 promises to be bold!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is there time off from my job?

Well for me the simple answer is no, I am a workaholic. Finding time to relax is very important to recharge the batteries! Yesterday I did play golf and had a great time spending quality time with my son. In the early evening I worked on my "Self Defense Training Series" which will be published in early 2009 on Today my wife and I also spent quality time going to see the movie Marley and Me. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. I didn't read the book however even though you know the outcome of the movie it still gets your heart -especially if you are a dog lover or had a close pet you've lost. Don't forget this upcoming week is our new year's camp for karate kids.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time off

Today I am going to play golf with my oldest son, we don't get to play that often and since its the holidays I am going to get in some relaxation time. Cheers.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sign-up now

Once again Happy Holidays, I have added a e-mail sign up for my blog and placed the blog on feedburner. If you would like please subscribe and get all my latest updates and advanced info on my new products - where you can purchase and any specials!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all!!! Look for lots more on 2009, I have a lot of projects in the works. Couldn't get over how many of you text me this am - THANKS and back at ya!
Guess I'll have to learn more about this text message world - anyway Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fox 28 Panama City's Got Talent

Am excited as this afternoon Dan Rogo from Panama City's Got Talent TV show which airs on Fox 28 on Sundays at 9:30pm will be filming with us - am excited to see what we come up with.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Red Belt Class

So what's this red belt class all about? This class is there for one reason - review and preparation for the next level of belt testing. I believe you should know your material! That is why for the "Brown Belt" and especially the "Black Belt" I test on a compilation of knowledge. The "RED BELT" class places students into the review mode - when its test time students are better prepared and if they get into a confrontation they are better prepared for that too.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Center front office remodel

Wait till you see our new floors, paint and cleanup in the front office. Josh Powell and I spent the day getting things done. I wanted to put something back into our business and so I cleaned up the area people see the most - the lobby. Josh repainted and cleaned the walls, I got frames for the wonderful "Black Belt" picture Troy Anderson took, now others can see how proud I am of the black belts at our center.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Howcast is truly the BEST!

Check out my latest videos at it is truly the future of online video! My techniques for both self defense and sport karate now have step by step instructions added. Follow the Howcast link to the left on my site menu. MORE IS IN THE WORKS STAY TUNED.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remember we influence lives...

What I do as a person and instructor influences those around me. Sometimes I can get consumed in daily activities and forget this. Here is a e-mail I recieved from a previous student and it makes me feel good about what I do...when I showed it to James he felt great too...

"hello Marty Matins Karate center,

about 5 years ago i was a student at your center and i progressed to purple belt before moving to orlando. i just wanted to thank you because all the training you gave me has been very beneficial. when moving to orlando i then continued and progress while in orlando to 2nd degree black belt. i know live in england and attend tournaments across the country. recently i gave an interview to a newspaper attending a competition, and they asked me who was an influence in my life with regards to kararte, and i said Marty Martins Kenpo Karate center because they made it fun and enjoyable, especially James Thaxton, who was my teacher. i just thought you would like to know. much regards.

charlee white"

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Improve your workouts...

I found and joined this great site for workouts..."workoutpass"! I don't endorse very many sites unless I know they are credible-this one is. This site has 43 sport specific areas to improve your workouts and give you new ideas, great reference for athlete's, coaches and trainers, join today! Click this link...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Martin's Black Belt Sparring

Want to improve your sparring ability? Looking for new drills to help your training sessions? Then check out my new web site for sport karate online! It has quick how-to pieces for sparring lessons, these will vary from beginner through Black Belt, Enjoy... I also offer my "Black Belt Sparring" DVD series for sale. This will make you a better smarter fighter. Coach Martin

Friday, April 18, 2008 Simply the BEST!

I was contacted by a new web company (launched in Feb 2008) about putting my videos on their site. I absolutely LOVE it!!! They are top quality all the way around, from their quality to customer service. Log on via this link,

You will see immediately what I am talking about. Check out their whole site, lots of cool stuff and all very well done. It is not another You Tube. It is just full of “How to”. I want to personally thank Clayton Bryan my customer service rep for getting me to join this site!

Please subscribe to my RSS feed and get regular updates when I post new material.

New DVD's

I have two new DVD’s on the Adult Advanced store page, "Self Defense Set Three" and "Punching Set Three". Please check out the previews. Coach Martin

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Video updates

I have posted new videos on both Blip TV and You Tube.

On Blip TV there is a full 30 minute show from the Saturday Morning Kids Club teaching beginner level snap-back blocking for sparring. Here is a link:

John Eddie and I have example self defense techniques from various sets in Kenpo Set Karate posted at You Tube:

If you want to learn even more please check out Karate Training

Be sure to watch for my new web-site Marty Martin's Black Belt coming soon.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kids Club Now Online

My Kenpo Kids Club is up and running! Go panama city karate, click on the kids channel banner. I am really proud of this site as it has a lot of information for kids, history, character development, karate stories, coloring pages and self defense videos. Please spread the word. Thanks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Web site updates

Thursday Feb. 21st, 2008 the karate training centers web site has added new pages with DVD and Book sales for Adult Kenpo Set Karate at both the beginner/intermediate and advanced level. John Johnson and I are filming the Punching Set Two material and it should be on line in the next two weeks. The kids Club pages are almost finished as well so please keep checking back for more. The kids club is really cool with lots of information just for kids in the martial arts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just Words...

I originally wrote this in 1998, however the information still reflects how I feel and the things I think are important to a martial artist becoming a better person.

Sunday, December 13, 1998

In Self Defense
Mental disciplines are paramount
MARTY MARTIN Special To The News Herald

During Christmas and New Year we all reflect on the events of the past, think about the future, and make resolutions which we say will make our lives better. These "resolutions" are often based on the events which effected our lives, but not necessarily the meanings behind some of the words which describe the actions we take.
In my teachings as a martial arts instructor I show that the mental disciplines are paramount in the development of student's character. This provides understanding and purpose towards becoming a productive member of society.
I develop this quality by teaching what I feel are the important meanings behind a "word" which provides the student with a better understanding of life.
This holiday I want to share 12 important words which I hope will uplift your spirits and carry you toward your resolutions for the New Year.

Love: That which we show for our fellow human beings. It is shown by our actions with regard to our behavior both in front of and behind someone.

Spirit: It is the innermost feeling which makes us human. It can be the intangible force that gives us the will to do better in our lives. It can be the force which helps individuals to continue to face life's challenges when everything else seems to have failed.

Respect: That which is earned by the treatment we give others when we live by example, teach from experience, reward that which is earned, and correct that which is not.

Discipline: The characteristic a person develops by being patient, learning by doing, and following instruction. This is the trait by which a person stays with a task until it is completed to the best of that person's ability.

Integrity: The sense of purpose brought on by doing what a person knows to be right. Consequently, the individual then stands by what they have said they are going to do, or what they have done.

Family: The core of what every person should consider the center in their life.

Fear: Fear can be a friend or a foe. It is o.k. to be afraid, but it is not o.k. to be afraid to try. Fear can be the driver that helps us to do better or it can drive you to do nothing.

Abuse: The act of hurting someone mentally or physically. Learning to think of someone else first, and considering how an individual's actions will effect others brings its own rewards within its own time. It is better to build someone up than to tear them down.

Hope: These are the thoughts which move us to continue on seeking that which is sometimes hard to find.

Honor: That which we hold dear. To disgrace this concept is to let all that is important to us lose its meaning.

Laughter: Keeps us from going crazy. A smile will always make a friend.

Friendship: A bond that endures the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the yin and the yang.

Actions speak louder than words, yet we need to remember that without an understanding of the words that guide our actions, neither has any real meaning in life.
Have a Merry Christmas and may your resolutions for the New Year be filled with the things that make your life better.

Marty Martin is a professor of Kenpo Set Karate and a coach for the GunFighters National Karate Team.

© 1998 The News Herald

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to In Self Defense

Hi this is Coach Marty Martin, I had my own newspaper column published in several newspapers during the ninty's. I wrote stricitly about the areas of self defense and how the things students learn in martial arts classes can be related to every day life. Now that this blogger thing has come to life I will be writing "In Self Defense" again.