Friday, March 24, 2017

12 steps for success

I am sure many people have used these 12 steps in their respect blogs. Life coaches have used these as steps in a checklist and I am confident there are also many successful people who have done these to be successful why? Because they work. In my coaching people to become a better more successful person through the martial arts my students will see many parallel ideals in becoming a black belt. Successful people: set goals take decisive and immediate action focus on being productive, not being busy make logical, informed decisions avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect work outside of their comfort zone keep things simple focus on making small, continuous and consistent improvements measure and track their progress maintain a positive outlook as they learn from mistakes spend time with the right people maintain balance in their life Is it easy to implement all of these? Absolutely NOT! Here is a tip add these behaviors one at a time into your life not everything all at once.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Armed Mugger Gets Shot by Armed Victim from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Consistency in Instruction

Check out these two photos, both taken at the karate center, different classes, different instructors, different students. What do they have in common? They are all learning the same material that is an example of the way instructors are trained and taught in Marty Martin Karate.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Car Wash Carjacking Goes Badly for Carjackers from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Beginner and Intermediate Basic's

Often people from other styles ask me about the basic moves I teach so they can relate that to what they have already learned. Here is a short list of the stances, blocks. strikes, kicks and steps from my instructor hide material.

Karate Training Centers - Instructor Training Manual
Belt Level Guidelines
“Basics of Karate”

Basics of Karate: Building Block Set One

            Stances: ready, fighting horse, training horse, bow stance

            Blocks: Inward, outward, upward, downward

            Strikes: karate punch, reverse punch, shuffle punch, lunge punch

            Kicks: front kick, roundhouse, crescent kick, outside crescent kick

            Steps: cross step, hidden step, “L” step, “V” step

            Movement drills: step through, shuffle, side-slide

Basics of Karate: Building Block Set Two

            Stances: Kat, twist, close kneel, reverse bow

            Blocks: Extended outward, onward palm, outward palm, knee block

            Strikes: Back-knuckle, chop, standing punch, upper cut

            Kicks: Side kick, rear, heel, scoop

            Steps: Switch, switch and pivot, hip-hop, hop-back

            Movement drills: pivot drills, switch kick set-up, jump spin, spin back

Basics of Karate: Building Block Set Three

            Stances: Chinese bow, neutral horse, cocked neutral horse, crane stance

            Blocks: Fan, hook, smoother, windshield

            Strikes: Palm thrust, ridge hand, hand-sword, elbows

            Kicks: Spinning rear, ax kick, hook kick, jump spin rear

            Steps: Spin (forward and/or back), chicken step, jump-step launch, single leg hop

            Movement drills: flying side kick, jump knee, superman