Saturday, January 21, 2017


Honor in all things...
    Spirit - God, country and family
    Family - protect, serve, love
    Education - self and team
Live your life with these simple guidelines, live your life in sacrifice to others and you will have lived a life of honor.
                                      Coach Martin

In Self Defense - Punching Set 1

Understanding the "Punching Set One"

When you join Marty Martin Karate online get access to over 700 videos:
Here is just one of the "sets" of material you will have access to -

In Self Defense Training Series

You tried your best to talk your way out of a confrontation, suddenly here comes a punch – how will you respond? How many ways can someone throw a punch or punches at you? Let Profesor Martin teach you what to do. Learn how to defend against an assailant, who just swings wildly, throws a 1-2 punch or is more powerful than you are! “Punching Set One” demonstrates techniques which will provide you with an excellent beginning to defensive actions against just about any type punch an opponent can throw at you!!!

“Punching Set One” teaches you to defend against various punches and punching combinations. Learn to use angular footwork, combination kicks, spinning moves, left side combinations, both hard and soft style motion, defend against a more powerful opponent, different directional takedowns, and the use of a lethal “closing” move. Collectively, the techniques in this set will provide you with an excellent beginning to defensive actions against just about any punch an opponent can throw at you!!!

Learning Punching Set One in addition to the technique responses in the Key Set and you have a great understanding of how to defend an attack primarily based on strikes. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

In Self Defense - Self Defense Set One

Understanding the "Self Defense Set One"

When you join Marty Martin Karate online get access to over 700 videos:

Here is just one of the "sets" of material you will have access to -

In Self Defense Training Series - Self Defense Set One

Someone grabs your shirt and gets in your face, an attacker twists your arm behind your back, an assailant grabs you by the throat – they are choking you…“Self Defense Set One” teaches you how to protect yourself against these attacks plus 17 more!!!  Don’t let yourself get beat up – Learn how to defend yourself!!! Learn step by step what to do with Coach Marty Martin as your personal instructor.

“Self Defense Set One” covers 20 basic “grab art” defenses. Defend against; two hand grabs, single and two hand chokes, bear hugs, headlock, a full nelson, a tackle, a two hand push, shoulder grabs from the front, side and rear, three different wrist grabs, an arm lock, and even the handshake. Learn to use a “block” as a “clearing” move or “striking” action in the “opening” moves of your techniques. The “body” of each technique demonstrates how to use the counter striking actions of Kenpo Set Karate. 

When Coach Martin first developed self defense set one he took the most common ways an assailant might "grab" you when they attack. This became the foundation of this set. All though there are some variations in this series the base moves in these techniques are the moves that establish the basis of the grab-arts "skill set" beginner level material. Just learning these moves with the moves you learning in the key set and you are well on your way to being able to defend yourself.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Self Defense - Key Set

Understanding the "Key Set"

When you join Marty Martin Karate online get access to over 700 videos:
Here is just one of the "sets" of material you will have access to -

In Self Defense Training Series - Key Set

You’ve decided you need to defend yourself, you want to learn to defend yourself, but don’t know where to start…the answer is right here… The “Key Set”. 

Coach Martin has put together specific blocks, strikes and kicks in combinations that will become the "Key" movements of your self defense techniques as you progress in your training.  You will see these same movements and combinations used as parts of other techniques in other techniques and as a result these become the "Key" moves of those techniques, hence the name "Key Set".

Furthering this unique method of teaching, the "Key Set" explores a variety of responses to straight line attacks. Exploring this variety of responses demonstrates the principle of diversity - that is there is more than one way to defend an attack, you will be free to chose those "Key" moves that work best for you as you progress in experience. 

It's important to note if you haven't finished Building Block Set One and Coach Martin's Introduction Manual you probably should review those first so as you begin to learn the techniques of the Key Set you will have a clear understanding of the basic moves of Karate. These basic's are the foundation of your skills in karate - the better your basic's the stronger your martial arts skill.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Active Self Defense

Active self defense situation, how would you handle this? Brave Student Stops Active Killer on Campus from Active Self Protection on Vimeo. This material is from Active Self Protection

What place does boxing have in Marty Martin Karate

So when someone comes to me and wants to learn to protect themselves or a parent says their child is being bullied, I feel the need to give them a way to quickly defend against a basic attack, a quick way to build their confidence, a way to generate excitement and determination to want to learn more. My answer - beginner boxing!

As much as I believe in karate it takes time to learn how to do the basics and do them effectively. Conversely I love to integrate the concept of just getting your hands up and moving your forearms around to protect your face. As much as I love the reverse punch of karate it is faster and more effective to teach anyone how to jab and throw a right cross.

I teach students to execute basic boxing moves from the fighting stance and execute karate skills from the fighting horse. Its my method of integrating boxing skills into the beginner karate development. 

As such boxing skills are critical to the overall fight scenario. As part of my “Fight Skills” package boxing skills fill the void most martial artist styles have between when the fight starts and the committed attack happens. As with the majority of the Kenpo self-defense techniques which respond to a committed attack there are many actions that can take place from the time an attack changes from the verbal zone and closes the distance to be able to strike your opponent. Boxing, the movement, distance control and position offer the safest place to remain in control until the committed attacks takes place –then you adjust and integrate your response with your Kenpo Jiu Jitsu technique. This is the essence of my "Fight Skills"package.

As a positive by-product the conditioning drills typically associated with boxing skills add another dimension to training for any martial artist. The footwork and the cardio develop speed and agility both critical components of fighting skills conditioning and development.

Boxing is just one of the components in my fight skills package, if you would like to know more go to and read "Understanding Marty Martin Karate" and "Marty Martin Fight Skills".