Thursday, September 21, 2017

First aide for muscle cramps

Here in Florida we train year round, we have heat indexes that reach into the triple digits so its important our athletes are familiar with what heat cramps are and how to prevent them.

Muscle cramps are common and may be precipitated by prolonged physical activity, high heat and humidity (black flag conditions), dehydration and/or poor conditioning. Cramps are characterized by the sudden onset of moderately severe to incapacitating pain in the muscle belly and may progress to involve other adjacent muscle groups.

The first treatment consists of immediate re hydration with a fluid containing electrolytes. After beginning re hydration, further treatment should consist of grasping and applying pressure to the muscle belly and immediately stretch the muscle  until the cramp resolves. The calf muscle, for example, would be stretched by flexing the foot toward the head, whereas a thigh cramp would be treated by flexing the knee, bringing the foot to the buttocks. 

I personally use Herbalife Drive C7 which replenishes the electrolytes lost when I train hard. Gatorade is good too just watch the sugar content. And the king is drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated in the first place. 

Coach Martin

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Circles of Glass

There is so much more to this technique than most students realize. In his classes Coach Martin teaches you how to use the "parts" of this technique to build your skills. Even more - in Coach Martin's fight skills material he teach's you how to integrate the jiu jitsu "arm clamp" to control the attacker and then feed that to a standing "arm crush" or a guillotine finish. Want to learn more explore Coach Martin's Fight Skills.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Self Defense Set One - Video on Demand

Someone grabs your shirt and gets in your face, an attacker twists your arm behind your back, an assailant grabs you by the throat – they are choking you…“Self Defense Set One” teaches you how to protect yourself against these attacks plus 17 more!!!  Don’t let yourself get beat up – Learn how to defend yourself!!! Learn step by step what to do with Coach Marty Martin as your personal instructor.

“Self Defense Set One” covers the following “grab art” defenses. Defend against; two hand grabs, single and two hand chokes, bear hugs, headlock, a full nelson, a tackle, a two hand push, shoulder grabs from the front, side and rear, three different wrist grabs, an arm lock, and even the handshake. Learn to use a “block” as a “clearing” move or “striking” action in the “opening” moves of your techniques. The “body” of each technique demonstrates how to use the counter striking actions of Coach Martin's Kenpo Jiu Jitsu.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Black Belt Excellence for September part 3

Marty Martin Karate

Black Belt Excellence for September

The effects of dishonesty on others.

Begin this lesson by explaining to the students that someone’s dishonestly can often affect others. Tell the following story and then explain how telling a simple little lie can keep growing and can affect others as well.

One day Isabel told a little lie. She wasn’t suppose to feed her dinner to her dog, Barker, but she did, and when her mother came in and saw her plate all clean, Isabel said that she had eaten it all. That was a little lie, wasn’t it? The dinner was chicken, and Barker got a bone in his throat. Pretty soon he started to cough and snort and act very uncomfortable.

“Do you know what’s wrong with Barker?” asked Mother. “No,” said Isabel. That was another lie, wasn’t it? But Isabel had to do it so that Mother wouldn’t know she told the first lie. Mother looked in Barker’s mouth but couldn’t see anything. “Did Barker eat something, Isabel?” “I don’t know Mommy.” That was another lie, wasn’t it? But she didn’t want her mother to know about the first two lies.

Barker got worse, and Mother took him to the animal hospital. Isabel went too. “What happened to the dog?” asked the doctor. “We don’t know,” said Isabel. That was another lie, wasn’t it? But if Isabel had told, then Mother and the dog doctor would know she had lied before. The dog doctor said, “If it’s just a bone, we could get it out with an instrument, but it might be glass, so we may have to operate.”

Isabel decided it was time to tell the truth. She said, “It’s a bone, and I did know Barker ate it, and I didn’t eat all of my dinner, and I did give it to Barker, and I won’t tell lies anymore, because if you tell one, you might have to tell more and more.” Isabel started to cry, but her mother loved her and she decided she really would tell the truth from then on.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wrist lock control and takedown

This wrist control takedown is part of Coach Martin's "Boxers Defense Series". In Coach Martin's fight skills classes he teaches students how to add the arm bar finish from standing, from mount to arm bar, from modified side mount to arm bar and if the opponent rolls away how to take the back for a rear naked choke finish. All part of Coach Martin's Kenpo Jiu Jitsu material.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Learn the "Key Set" of Karate

You’ve decided you need to defend yourself, you want to learn to defend yourself, but don’t where to start…the answer is right here… 

The “Key Set” establishes the foundation of blocking, striking and kicking combinations for beginners. This set developments and explores the basic responses to various types of straight line attacks from various directions. Developed just for beginning level martial art students these techniques provide you with the tools needed to respond in a variety of situations and prepare for next level of self defense training as taught by Coach Marty Martin.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Black Belt Excellence for September part 2

Marty Martin Karate

Black Belt Excellence for September

Truth or Consequence

This is a game that can help children understand the long-term consequences of honesty are always better than the long-term consequences of dishonesty. Prepare pairs of index cards so that one side of each card in the pair describes two different courses of action – one honest and one dishonest – along with short-term consequences of each action. Fill out on the back side of the cards so that when the cards are flipped over the long-term consequences are revealed. Play this as a game, letting the students decide, by looking at the front sides of the cards only, which option they would take.


Front sides:
You are at the store buying something and the clerk gives you $30 too much change. You keep it. After all it was his mistake and not yours, you go to the mall and buy a new video game.


When the clerk gives you the $30 dollars, you tell him he gave you too much change and you give the $30 dollars back. As you leave you start thinking about the video game you could have bought.

Back sides:
You know the money wasn’t yours. You start to worry that the clerk will have to pay the store $30 out of his wages. Whenever you ride your bike, the new handle grips remind you that you were dishonest.


You feel good and strong inside because you were honest. Whenever you ride your bike you remember that you need handle grips, but you also remember you were honest.