Thursday, October 19, 2017

Advanced Self Defense Self Defense Set 3

In Self Defense Training Series

Self Defense Set 3

What if the situation you trained for changes? What if an attacker tries to pull your hair? Pushes you or grabs your shoulder and intends to punch your lights out! “Self Defense Set Three” answers those questions plus teaches you even more options for techniques you have already learned in the Self Defense Training Series. More options means you can be better prepared for whatever attack you may be confronted with. More options means more ways to defend when the situations change. Being prepared is better than not being ready to defend yourself or your family. Get more – get “Self Defense Set Three”.

“Self Defense Set Three” completes your training in the “grab arts” of Kenpo Set Karate at the advanced level. Many of these techniques are also used in the soft style Kata’s of Kenpo Set. Several techniques are expanded answering the “what if” question. This set compliments the techniques of pervious sets in your training to the Black Belt level in Kenpo Set Karate.  A must for testing!

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