Friday, April 28, 2017

Potential to overcome

Being proud of our gifts and talents and overcoming our challenges.
Once we realize what our gifts and talents are, or where our potential lies, we need to understand that it is OK to be proud of what we are good at and what things we can accomplish. Now that does not mean we should brag to make others feel bad or try to make ourselves look good to other people, but we should always be proud of the gifts and talents God has given us. (Ask the students to discuss some of their talents - instill in them the sense of pride and confidence in the things that they are good at.)

Next, explain that in order to enhance our gifts and talents and live up to our full potential, we have to understand what challenges we may have. The only way we can improve our talents is to recognize what our weakness or challenges are and work hard to correct them. A challenge is simply an opportunity to succeed. Once we know that we need to improve on something we should be excited at the opportunity to become better. (Discuss with the students some challenges they may have. Help them to understand that they should look at things they may not be good at as an opportunity to succeed and to be excited at the challenge of improving. Students that can look at their failures and weakness in this way will increase their confidence and work harder to make improvements.)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fueling Potential

Fueling our Potential
Let’s imagine that we are on journey through life. On our journey we are traveling in this great vehicle called Potential. How far this vehicle will take us will determine what kind of person we become. The fuel needed to efficiently operate our vehicle is called confidence. Confidence is the belief that we can become and accomplish anything if we believe in ourselves and apply our full potential. The more we believe in ourselves, the further our potential will take us. 

Tips to better fuel our potential:
  • - Never listen to the negativity of others. If we hear enough negativity, we will start to believe it.
  • - Always practice positive self-talk. Our attitude is developed by how we think of ourselves. Never say “I can’t…always think “I will do my best!”

Don’t let your mind be a garbage dump. Be careful of the things you watch on TV, the books you read, or the things people tell you. Everything that you allow in your mind determines how you think and feel, and therefore determines what kind of attitude and confidence will fuel your potential.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Defining Potential

Defining Potential
Your potential is made up of the gifts and talents that God has given to you. All of us have our own unique gifts and talents. It is important that we recognize what our talents are and apply ourselves to the best of our ability to use them. Everyone that has ever lived up to their full potential first had to recognize what their talents were. Tiger Woods and his parents realized that he had a gift for golf and started his training at the age of five.

It is not enough to recognize that we have a gift or talent; we have to work hard and use those talents if we are to reach our full potential. Have you ever known someone that was really good at something but had no interest in doing it! Like when a student is very bright and intelligent, but does not apply themselves enough to make good grades. Or someone that is very talented at karate, but quits before they reach their black belt. These people are not living up to their full potential. 

To help you realize your potential, think of things you like to do... things that you are good at… and you will soon realize where your potential lies.