Monday, March 20, 2017

Beginner and Intermediate Basic's

Often people from other styles ask me about the basic moves I teach so they can relate that to what they have already learned. Here is a short list of the stances, blocks. strikes, kicks and steps from my instructor hide material.

Karate Training Centers - Instructor Training Manual
Belt Level Guidelines
“Basics of Karate”

Basics of Karate: Building Block Set One

            Stances: ready, fighting horse, training horse, bow stance

            Blocks: Inward, outward, upward, downward

            Strikes: karate punch, reverse punch, shuffle punch, lunge punch

            Kicks: front kick, roundhouse, crescent kick, outside crescent kick

            Steps: cross step, hidden step, “L” step, “V” step

            Movement drills: step through, shuffle, side-slide

Basics of Karate: Building Block Set Two

            Stances: Kat, twist, close kneel, reverse bow

            Blocks: Extended outward, onward palm, outward palm, knee block

            Strikes: Back-knuckle, chop, standing punch, upper cut

            Kicks: Side kick, rear, heel, scoop

            Steps: Switch, switch and pivot, hip-hop, hop-back

            Movement drills: pivot drills, switch kick set-up, jump spin, spin back

Basics of Karate: Building Block Set Three

            Stances: Chinese bow, neutral horse, cocked neutral horse, crane stance

            Blocks: Fan, hook, smoother, windshield

            Strikes: Palm thrust, ridge hand, hand-sword, elbows

            Kicks: Spinning rear, ax kick, hook kick, jump spin rear

            Steps: Spin (forward and/or back), chicken step, jump-step launch, single leg hop

            Movement drills: flying side kick, jump knee, superman

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