Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Adults should study and understand the subject of empathy.

 Understanding and even profiling where the other person is coming from will help you better gage their possible behavior. Studying behavior is a valuable source of information when deciding how to respond when confronted by someone whose intentions may not be clear.

Many situations may start with a verbal confrontation which if responded to properly may diffuse the situation before they becomes physical.

Body language is another area where empathy, understanding where the other person is coming from, can help you identify possible situations to avoid thus helping you protect yourself your family or even others around you if things escalate.

Empathy is often overlooked, don’t let it be something you overlook or don’t understand.

Active Self Defesne

How would you react

Off Duty Officer Shoots Armed Robber Dead from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

 From Active Self Protection

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Home Invasion Stopped by Family Dogs from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Officer's Gun Repeatedly Malfunctions On Camera from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Knife Attack Stopped by Brave Bus Driver from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

This is Why You MUST Have Retention on an Openly Carried Firearm from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

I will (Ethos)

Understanding Ethos: The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement:
    I will 
           be disciplined when others are not.
           continue when others quit.
           endure when others have lost their spirit.
           never give up on myself
           control my emotions.
           suffer in silence, I will not complain
           not sacrifice all I have worked for
           still finish even when I look back and there is no one else
           be here to protect and serve

    Just because others do doesn't mean I will
    I believe in myself

    I am that Black Belt

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Training Creed

Creed: A system of belief, principles, or opinions: Marty Martin Karate Creed

         Training is realistic
         Training is chaotic
         Training is intense
         Train to not get it wrong

         Training pushes the mind to control, the body to stand and the spirit to endure

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nutrition tip

Anyone who knows me will tell you how important I think nutrition is. Proper nutrition fuels your whole day, it provides the energy you need to accomplish life tasks. I truly believe for people who have no energy in the mid afternoon they need a better balance in the day. I think for some people who might be labeled as lazy its their nutrition, they aren't lazy they don't have any fuel in the tank. The either haven't eaten anything, may have eaten processed sugar which messes with insulin dumps, or don't understand the proper ratios of fats cars and proteins. Here is a quick list of foods that can become stable goto foods to help get you started on a path to better nutrition.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Defender Kills Innocent Bystander While Shooting at Fleeing Thieves from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Advanced training mind set

Fight Skills training practices…

Brown belts need to think training not learning. Brown belts have been shown the skill set materials and can defend themselves, now at the advanced level each individual mind set should be thinking its time to train, it’s time to practice and hone my skills. The introduction to technique variations is only expanding individual knowledge, skill and abilities. The goal is train for spontaneous response and train so the individual cannot get it wrong. 

Each individual has to take responsibility for their own actions that is part of their character. Continued education and personal fitness contribute to the individual’s ability to train at a higher level which will push their skills to the Black Belt level. Practice should be done individually and with a partner, in some cases against more than one partner. Training with people who are like minded, train with those who are better than you are, train with your heart. Training should take into account ethos and individual mantra – these solidify the individual spirit. The level at which individuals train breeds the level of the individuals skill. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Double Blades from Key Set

This is a variation of the Kenpo Set technique "Double Blades" from my "Key Set"

Friday, February 10, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Armed Robber Kills Store Owner Whose Gun Wasn't Ready from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Walk a mile...

In Self Defense Series

Understanding the "Trapping Set"

In Self Defense Training Series

You have seen it on TV, you’ve seen it in the movies, how did they trap their opponent’s arms and then punch before their opponent could block. 

The “Trapping Set” material focuses on just the eight specific “Gung-Fu” traps from the Kenpo Set Karate “Punching Set Two”. The traps are a great setup for complimenting other martial art hand techniques. These moves are a great supplement to any martial artist and help build your timing and hand speed. A great addition for those who are after just the meat of setting up “trapping” defenses!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

This is Why You Want to Get Up Fast in a Street Fight from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection


Little bit different workout than one I posted previously, but variety is the spice of life.

In Self Defense Series

Understanding the "Punching Set Three"

In Self Defense Training Series

The more you know – the more options you have. This set provides just that, more knowledge, more information, more options! 

Directed toward the “Advanced” or Brown Belt level of training this is information you need to achieve the Black Belt. Many of these techniques are rooted in the higher level Kenpo Karate Kata’s, as such this instructional breakdown guides you to a higher understanding of advanced moves while furthering your skill and knowledge. 

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn more” Coach Marty Martin.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Here is a kickboxing routine you can train with at home, quick and simple.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Legally Armed Firearms Trainer Shoots Man Who Corners Him from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Finger control

From the Art of Manliness

So this technique has been around for awhile. Bending the fingers back is a simple solid go to method to release a grab.

In Self Defense Training Series

Understanding the "Self Defense Set Three"

In Self Defense Training Series

What if the situation you trained for changes? What if an attacker tries to pull your hair? Pushes you or grabs your shoulder and intends to punch your lights out! “Self Defense Set Three” answers those questions plus teaches you even more options for techniques you have already learned in the Self Defense Training Series. More options means you can be better prepared for whatever attack you may be confronted with. More options means more ways to defend when the situations change. Being prepared is better than not being ready to defend yourself or your family. Get more – get “Self Defense Set Three”.

“Self Defense Set Three” completes your training in the “grab arts” of Kenpo Set Karate at the advanced level. Many of these techniques are also used in the soft style Kata’s of Kenpo Set Karate. Several techniques are expanded answering more of the “what if” questions. This set compliments the techniques of pervious sets in your training toward the Black Belt level in Kenpo jiu Jitsu.  A must for testing!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Black Belt Excellence

Parents - Black Belt Excellence flyers are being sent home this week. Students learn about "kindness". Our class mat chats will get into more detail on the subject and how they as individuals can treat others as they would like to be treated. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Money can't buy

Money can't buy everything 

rule or sin

Cardinal rule or sin depending on if you break it

Core Stability Ball Conditioning

I really like these exercises for fitness, karate and jiu jitsu training;

Building Character

This brings us to the question “how do you compose your character?” How does a person develop a set of qualities or traits in their life that sets them apart from the common man? Where do you start? This can be a difficult question if an individual hasn’t defined what comprises positive character traits, or if one has failed to live a life filled with these positive qualities over the years.

The best way to start to compose your character or to forge a stronger character is to study the traits, which you want to incorporate into your life. Study the traits of the uncommon men of the past. What made these men “men of character?” Why do you admire them? What traits set them apart? By studying the lives of warriors, sages, and men of character, you can get a good picture of what it takes to be a man of character – an uncommon man. These men sought to live lives of honor and integrity. They took life seriously and lived life to the fullest, at the same time; they did so without compromising their character. These men were not perfect. Nobody is perfect. They simply worked at being men of character. They made a firm decision about the way that they were going to live their lives and followed through with that decision. When they found that they had fallen short or had faults that needed to be corrected or removed, they made the effort to make the necessary changes. Everyone falls short on this quest.

The key is to never give up, never stop trying. When you recognize a fault you acknowledge it, redirect it with a positive affirmation and move on. This is an ongoing process. Although you may develop your character to that of an uncommon man, you will never reach a point where you will not have to make adjustments from time to time. Building and maintaining your character takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself, especially when you fail to live up to the standards, which you are striving to achieve. Sophocles, one of the most influential writers of Ancient Greece, wrote that, “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil.” Your imperfections do not indicate that you are not a man of character, but merely that you are a human being. George Washington pointed out that even the greatest men are not without their faults when he said, “It is to be lamented that great characters are seldom without a blot.” It is your duty to work to achieve the perfection of your character, not to be perfect.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Understanding the "Knife Set Two"

In Self Defense Training Series

You are confronted by an attacker who has a knife…you have learned a solid and basic knowledge of knife defense from “Knife Set One”, but now its time to become even more effective! Its time to learn the basic joint locks and twists of Kenpo Jiu Jit Su and the principles of “Arnis” weapons control. 

This Knife Set Two breakdown is in-depth and goes step by step helping you learn in detail the "how-to" of joint lock manipulation giving you even more control over your knife wielding attacker. Based on the attack types you learned in Knife Set One, this one expands your knowledge base even more. Many so called martial arts experts will tell you how important it is to control an attackers knife once you engage but Coach Martin is going to show you how to walk the talk -that is how to control the knife once you are attacked. Whats more Coach Martin is going to teach you how to apply the weapons control methods from the Pilipino martial art of Arnis right here in Knife Set Two. These advanced knife disarms are based on the disarms proven in the material taught in Arnis. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Active Self Defense

How would you react?

Clerk Beaten and Shot by Armed Robber from Active Self Protection on Vimeo.

From Active Self Protection

Name That Technique

Quite often, especially around belt testing time I hear students say they are having a hard time remembering the name of their techniques, they remember the moves but the name association isn't there yet. I understand the dilemma and I also understand the student needs to associate the name with the moves in each respective technique. As an example elbow strikes are "arrows", closed fist strikes are "hammers" and so forth. I especially establish this association in the "Key Set" video included in my "In Self Defense Training Series" located at Marty Martin Karate online website.

My instructors sometimes discuss "teaching by association" of technique name versus what the attack is defending. I want my instructors to teach by the dynamics of the attack. I would much rather have a student associate what to do when a certain attack happens over the name, however that is not to say names aren't important they are and sometimes the names are just plain cool.

I know in my early days of training it was a symbol of rank and knowledge to know more techniques by name than other instructors, if you did then you had something over someone else.

The discussion becomes even more relative to more than one way to respond to a general attach such as a wrist grab or label grab etc. Any attack must be defined by the nuance of the attack, as an example – the side shoulder grab: the attacker grabs your shoulder and is pulling the response would be to pin the hand step away key strike – key strike slide up side kick (technique name Striking Key) another variation would be side shoulder grab and pull the response would step forward and swing your arm around your opponents arm locking the elbow (technique name Spreading Wings Lock). Both of these situations are examples of what I mean when I say the dynamics of the attack and name association.

In the 2017 Marty Martin Karate training material techniques are defined by attack and then named for reference. The underlying principle here is being able to define and recognize the attack and possible variations. In my experience that is what is going to happen in the street, our response should be based on the physical aspects of the attack as they actually happen not by general description. Following this learning method defines practical application. It also defines what to do if things don't go as planned.

I encourage you to study the my training material, I encourage you to practice the training material, I encourage you to challenge the material, doing so will help you discover more by doing. It becomes part of your journey, it is you learning problem solving skills and in doing so you will learn the defensive tactics and establish the name association of moves to its descriptive name.

Coach Marty Martin