Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Understanding the "Two Attackers Set"

In Self Defense Training Series

Oh *#^* there are two of them! Are they both going to grab and hit you? There’s someone in front of and behind you at the same time, now what? Two assailants grab each of your wrists and try to force you around – how do you get out of these situations? Let Coach Martin teach you how to apply the “small circle” of Jiu Jit Su if they do grab you; learn how to turn one attacker against the other. Learn a simple way to kick one attacker and punch the other at the same time. Learn to protect yourself against more than one attacker - this is the “Two Attackers”.

The “Two Attackers Set” teaches you how to line up your opponents to be more effective. The techniques in this set are each unique in and of themselves. Many of the techniques use parts of other Kenpo Set techniques teaching you how to adapt the knowledge you already have to multiple attackers. Learn how to turn one attacker against the other. Learn to apply the “small circle” of Jiu Jit Su as the primary release to setup your Kenpo kicks and strikes to complete your techniques!!!

This set gives you specific attack scenarios such as one attacker grabs you from behind as another attacker in front of you punches at your face. Each technique guides you on what to do - however Coach Martin also encourages you to use techniques you already know to defend these same type situations. In doing so you will learn to respond spontaneously the real objective in moving toward advanced self defense practical application.

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