Thursday, January 19, 2017

In Self Defense - Self Defense Set One

Understanding the "Self Defense Set One"

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In Self Defense Training Series - Self Defense Set One

Someone grabs your shirt and gets in your face, an attacker twists your arm behind your back, an assailant grabs you by the throat – they are choking you…“Self Defense Set One” teaches you how to protect yourself against these attacks plus 17 more!!!  Don’t let yourself get beat up – Learn how to defend yourself!!! Learn step by step what to do with Coach Marty Martin as your personal instructor.

“Self Defense Set One” covers 20 basic “grab art” defenses. Defend against; two hand grabs, single and two hand chokes, bear hugs, headlock, a full nelson, a tackle, a two hand push, shoulder grabs from the front, side and rear, three different wrist grabs, an arm lock, and even the handshake. Learn to use a “block” as a “clearing” move or “striking” action in the “opening” moves of your techniques. The “body” of each technique demonstrates how to use the counter striking actions of Kenpo Set Karate. 

When Coach Martin first developed self defense set one he took the most common ways an assailant might "grab" you when they attack. This became the foundation of this set. All though there are some variations in this series the base moves in these techniques are the moves that establish the basis of the grab-arts "skill set" beginner level material. Just learning these moves with the moves you learning in the key set and you are well on your way to being able to defend yourself.

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