Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Self Defense - Key Set

Understanding the "Key Set"

When you join Marty Martin Karate online get access to over 700 videos:
Here is just one of the "sets" of material you will have access to -

In Self Defense Training Series - Key Set

You’ve decided you need to defend yourself, you want to learn to defend yourself, but don’t know where to start…the answer is right here… The “Key Set”. 

Coach Martin has put together specific blocks, strikes and kicks in combinations that will become the "Key" movements of your self defense techniques as you progress in your training.  You will see these same movements and combinations used as parts of other techniques in other techniques and as a result these become the "Key" moves of those techniques, hence the name "Key Set".

Furthering this unique method of teaching, the "Key Set" explores a variety of responses to straight line attacks. Exploring this variety of responses demonstrates the principle of diversity - that is there is more than one way to defend an attack, you will be free to chose those "Key" moves that work best for you as you progress in experience. 

It's important to note if you haven't finished Building Block Set One and Coach Martin's Introduction Manual you probably should review those first so as you begin to learn the techniques of the Key Set you will have a clear understanding of the basic moves of Karate. These basic's are the foundation of your skills in karate - the better your basic's the stronger your martial arts skill.


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