Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tired of Facebook

Personally I am tired of Facebook, it seems to me it's more ads and promotions than people communicating with what is happening in their lives, sharing news and expressing opinions. This year I will be using my blog and notices of my post will be on twitter and Facebook. If you want more access to my information sign up for my blog and get email notices of my articles this will give you access to more of my karate material. 

Rage today - sorrow tomorrow

Rage today - sorrow tomorrow.
There are only 2things you can control - your thoughts and your breathing. 
If someone comes at you in anger responding with anger will end in a fight verbal and or physical. You can control the outcome by controlling your thoughts, responding with empathy that is to put yourself in their position. Knowing and understanding where they are coming from decidedly gives you the upper hand. Responding verbally without adding fuel to the fire de-escalates the initial meeting and may even prevent anything from going further. Understanding your personal color code and triggers for verbal to physical climb on the situational ladder increases your self protection skills. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

30 minute workouts

Until P90X3 came out with the 30 minute workout nobody would have touched the concept with a ten foot pole. Now in January of 2014 every gym in town is on the bandwagon, LOL. Backup and look at that  - ask yourself if the gyms offering this quick fix are really offing 30 minute workouts in your best interest or are they just after your money for less value. Think about that too, they are charging you the same price as last year for programs that train half as long. That gives a new meaning to double your money. Coach Martin