Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love the "Front Kick"

photo courtesy of MMA Fighting, Esther Lin, go to MMA Fighter for full details in the fight between Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson.

I gotta say I love the front kick, I used it countless times in sport karate, I did a sport karate piece with it on you tube and any fighter I have coached knows how to use it. It is and will continue to be a long term weapon in martial arts. Coach Martin

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Coach Thunderbirds

Meet Steven Smith new coach of the Thunderbirds.
Steven Smith comes to the Thunderbirds with the highest marks a coach and experienced Black Belt can! Steven trained with Master Al Garza from Texas who is currently featured on the cover of MA Success Magazine. Mr. Smith filled the role at Al Garza's school as demonstration team leader, coach and choreographer. A role he filled for several years. Steven joined the United States Marine Corp in 2008 and is currently stationed at the naval installation on Panama City Beach as a dive instructor. Al Garza called Marty Martin and they talked about the Karate Training Centers, and it seemed to be a great fit for Steven’s experience and desire to continue doing what he loves best – coaching explosive karate demonstration teams like the Thunderbirds. The rest is a work in progress – Steven taking over the role of Thunderbirds coach from Mr. Martin who founded the team and has coached them to numerous national and world championships. Coach Martin comments that Steven can take this team to exciting new highs and leave a cadre of young instructors like Chris, Forrest and Sean to take over the XMA moves when his instructor dive tour at the navy base is over. Welcome to the new coach of the Thunderbirds Mr. Steven Smith.