Thursday, July 28, 2011

MMA Conditioning and Skills Class

MMA Conditioning and Skill Class. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30 to 7:30pm. Training breakdown includes:

           Conditioning session: cardio press, bag work, weight and body toning with emphasis on MMA    
           fight prep.

           Fight skills development. Skills training will include standup, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling
           combinations, and fight combination development.

This program breeds young fighters taking them to the next level. It is not a sparring class; it is geared for physical and mental development. Get a great workout, learn new skills, and breed your ability.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Matt Jernigan Wins debut MMA fight

Winner - Matt Jernigan wins his first amateur MMA fight. Stepping into the octagon to fight, Matt over-whelmed his opponent less than a minute into the second round. The referee stopped the fight by TKO awarding Matt the win. A salute also goes to his coach Chance Fine for having Matt so well prepared. Also thanks to Timmy, Dave, Tyler, Ruben and Kate his sparring partners. Winning in MMA is a team training effort. The Karate Training Centers MMA program presented very impressively – it’s a Cage Life.

Randall Anderson visits the Karate Centers

We had a nice surprise Randall stopped by the center while on his way home to Tennessee. Randall is currently active duty Coast Guard. Randall trained here when he was stationed at the coast guard station Panama City Beach and helped coach all our sparring classes. Randall won numerous NASKA world championship fights as an active fighter in NASKA. You can see him perform in our free sparring video section. Also pictured is Tricia who still teaches her and was a National champion at the same time Randall was.

Josh Powell earns Gracie promotion

Josh Powell earned his official Blue Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Congratulations Josh you did a wonderful job and should be super proud. You have accomplished a major goal toward not only improving your Jiu Jitsu skills but moving toward your goal of the coveted Gracie recognition!

Venus Gonzalez wins 2nd at Battle of Atlanta

Venus Gonzalez shows the awards she won at this year’s Battle of Atlanta. This was Venus very first karate tournament ever. She won second place in traditional forms and third in weapons and creative forms. We at the Karate Center are very proud of her accomplishments. Wining in national level competition your first time in competition says you have the ability to be very special and Venus is. For more pictures go to