Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Afterschool Program - Panama City

Here is a link to my merchant circle coupon for this school years after school sport karate program. You can go to our Merchant Circle account and download the coupon.

UFC 100 results

Sorry it has taken a couple days to get to this, I thought the GSP fight was a good one and GSP once again proven his metal fighting ten minutes with a pulled groin muscle. Brock Lesnar did just what I thought he intended to do and that was dominate the fight. His comments at the end served to stir up the fans and now people will pay more just to see someone take his title. How about Henderson, was there any doubt how he wanted the fight to end. By the wat if your into UFC gear, shirts, hats gloves etc. http://www.martymartinkarate.com/ is now an offical UFC web store.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFC 100

Tonight should be an exciting night for UFC fans, the GSP fight may be the fight of the night. When you see lots of hype then that can truly be a fight when things are over in a hurry. I am a Brock Lesnar fan all the way - this may be over in a hurry, Brock has no intention of playing around. His last fight was a major confidence builder and he proved he can go the distance now lets see if he can end this one decisively. More to follow after the fight.

Friday, July 3, 2009

FREE videos and DVD/Book sale

I uploaded a new sport karate video you can watch at http://www.martymartinkarate.com/
this is my new website and I have lots more in the works, new stuff every week. Also I just uploaded a new DVD/Book sale for July and August, get my KEY Set DVD and book for just $24.99. You can purchase through http://www.karatetrainingcenters.com/

I encourage all my students to take advantage of my training materials as a supplement to their training. It has been proven time and again this will help you to learn faster and retain more.

Have a safe 4th of July Holiday.