Friday, June 26, 2009

Making failure an option...

This upcoming week I will be promoting several classes to their next respective level of training. What this means to me - individual physical and character progression. Examples: Ben has done a great job motivating several green belts who did not pass their last testing cycle, he has given them internal motivation and as a result I have seen growth in their personal skills and determination. If I had passed them before they would not have grown the way they have. I delayed a whole red belt class last session because they just were not defending themselves - now they are, they respond with confidence and effectiveness, I know their families will be proud. In today's I want it now, instant gratification world, I present "failure is an option". I teach my students that you don't always get it right the first time. Now what are your options... If at first your don't succeed then try again - what important words. Those who strive will find success, they do at the Karate Training Center, they will in life's challenges.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ideals of the Martial Arts

I want to define some ideals in the martial arts. A quality martial arts program provides practitioners with five parts. Basics, Form, Self Defense, Sparring and Character. Each part plays a purposeful role. The "Basics" define the stances, blocks, strikes, kicks and steps of the art. Forms define the combining of the basics, the correct posture for strength and execution of movement. Self Defense technique develops the knowledge base related to application of the basics in defensive application. Sparring develops the spontaneous response between recognition and action. Character is the by-product of dedication to training in the martial arts. Character becomes a reflection of the practitioners inner person. Facing the challenges of training, dedication, learning, overcoming both physical and mental tasks all build confidence, self esteem, respect and honor. I am tired of reading un-professional comments posted on the Internet that have no constructive value relative to the martial arts. When I read someones comments who is just typing profanity and less than boastful comments remember this - they have no ideals, no respect for themselves or others and very little if any character.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Arnis, Jiu Jit Su and Kenpo

I enjoy working out in Arnis and did so with Arlo, Josh, John and Richard this evening. My drill is 30 minutes of straight stick fighting only taking the time to rotate partners, this gives you experience with different size and experienced training partners. I know I have posted info on my Jiu Jit Su training program and I am still filming sequences it will be worth the wait. If you want more now, I teach some level in every adult training class along with how Jiu Jit Su can compliment Kenpo self defense techniques thus making a person more effective in their defensive tactics. By the way there are still slots available for the children's Summer Camp June 22-26th. Coupons are available at my merchant circle web site. This upcoming week I will be evaluating for belt promotions - more info will come during regular classes.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June activities

Hi the month of June is full of great activities and we are having fun in all our classes. The Arnis class still has room if you are interested. We are not only learning basic use of the baton but are learning defensive and offensive approaches to it's use. The children's sword class is developing an unexpected twist - the kids are demonstrating an affection for creating their own movement sequences with the few moves they have learned thus far. I know this will last them a life time. I had several adult students come in and practice one on one with me and they all improved their skills with this private instruction. We are also sparring in every class and I am seeing our students start to put together effective combinations! If someone hasn't had the chance to spar with me personally every one will, I am going from class to class and am enjoying the time I get to workout with everyone. We are in for a great summer of training! PS don't forget about the Summer Camp starting June 22nd. Watch for my upcoming mid-month news letter it will be full of informative information. If you aren't already signed up for my newsletter you can at