Friday, May 22, 2009

Arnis Workout, UFC 98, Mid May News Letter

Had a great Arnis workout with Josh, John and Richard Higgins from American Martial Arts. We just practiced several Arnis drills and worked exclusively on technique. Am looking forward to UFC 98 and am pulling for Machida to show his "karate" skills. Watched the pre fight special on Spike - wonderful show. Comments were made as to Rashad Evans stepping into a kick and punching helped him defeat previous opponents. I picked up on this as I have been teaching for years "step into/jam a kick", this gets you inside and sets up you up for hand combinations. Will see if this happens in the fight. As to my use of the front kick, there is a Muay Thai fight show called "Fight Girls" and what do you think the girls scored with a lot? The front kick! If you got my mid May News letter you got a lot of good info on character, nutrition, Kenpo Self Defense and workout tips from my web site MMAProfitness, if you missed it please sign up for the next letter due out in mid June. All the best Coach Martin. PS the first of my sport karate series is up with Randall. You can watch at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Updates for mid May

I have new techniques posted on and martinsblackbeltsparring, I will be posting the mid month newsletter as well. If you want to learn Arnis this summer please sign up as soon as possible so I can order your Arnis sticks. I plan to film an Arnis DVD series at the end so don't miss out. Also I am offering weapons specialty classes for kids and the events are posted on the new schedule also now up on the main web site. My new web site is well underway with lots of new stuff, the logistics of getting the site operational are technical but the wait and reward will be well worth it. Train hard and keep up with your nutrition. Coach Martin

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Sport Karate Series

Many thanks to Randall Anderson who spent a couple days training with the men on my fighting team this last week. We finished an eight part series demonstrating how and why its important to be a "dimensional" fighter. This video series will be available starting next week at Karate Training and Martins Black Belt so don't miss this important information. Make your goal this week to sign up for my FREE self defense training, fitness and nutrition guide by signing up for e-mails from me if you haven't already done so. Send me your feedback and watch for more information on nutrition and fitness at the coming Marty Martin