Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something old, Something new, Something Bold

Thanks to all the parents and family members who supported my programs in 2008! This next year promises to be hold new challenges for us all. So...yesterday John-Eddie calls me and says he needs to talk, OK... Mr. Martin I joined the Marines! I have mixed emotions - I am sad to see him go as he has helped me a lot with teaching, filming DVDs and you tube clips. He has grown to be a fine young martial artist and second degree black belt. I am happy for him in the respect he is going out into the world and will truly experience his own new challenges. I have done what I can to prepare him, now we will see another chapter in the life of someone I have mentored. Matt Watson left some five years ago under similar circumstances, became a Marine, completed two tours in Iraq, got married, got divorced, came back and has the desire to have his own Karate Training Center. His story is still unfolding and I believe he will be successful. Zack Alford left for a year and now he's back working on his second degree black belt and is growing into a fine instructor. He too has the desire to have his own center and his dad just got his first black belt. I am truly proud of him also. The year 2009 will truly hold new and unknown challenges in many ways. I am excited about teaching more self defense and kickboxing skills in every class, I am excited about my red belt program, I am ready to boldly face the internet with new tools just like this blog. Watch for pictures of the team members I trained from as far back as the 1980's with my new Thunderbirds web site. Watch for my "Self Defense Training Series" on 2009 promises to be bold!

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