Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remember we influence lives...

What I do as a person and instructor influences those around me. Sometimes I can get consumed in daily activities and forget this. Here is a e-mail I recieved from a previous student and it makes me feel good about what I do...when I showed it to James he felt great too...

"hello Marty Matins Karate center,

about 5 years ago i was a student at your center and i progressed to purple belt before moving to orlando. i just wanted to thank you because all the training you gave me has been very beneficial. when moving to orlando i then continued and progress while in orlando to 2nd degree black belt. i know live in england and attend tournaments across the country. recently i gave an interview to a newspaper attending a competition, and they asked me who was an influence in my life with regards to kararte, and i said Marty Martins Kenpo Karate center because they made it fun and enjoyable, especially James Thaxton, who was my teacher. i just thought you would like to know. much regards.

charlee white"

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