Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Martin's Black Belt Sparring

Want to improve your sparring ability? Looking for new drills to help your training sessions? Then check out my new web site for sport karate online! It has quick how-to pieces for sparring lessons, these will vary from beginner through Black Belt, Enjoy... I also offer my "Black Belt Sparring" DVD series for sale. This will make you a better smarter fighter. Coach Martin


Friday, April 18, 2008

Howcast.com Simply the BEST!

I was contacted by a new web company (launched in Feb 2008) about putting my videos on their site. I absolutely LOVE it!!! They are top quality all the way around, from their quality to customer service. Log on via this link, http://www.howcast.com/users/pckaratecenter

You will see immediately what I am talking about. Check out their whole site, lots of cool stuff and all very well done. It is not another You Tube. It is just full of “How to”. I want to personally thank Clayton Bryan my customer service rep for getting me to join this site!

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New DVD's

I have two new DVD’s on the Adult Advanced store page, "Self Defense Set Three" and "Punching Set Three". Please check out the previews. Coach Martin